Catalogs for Wholesalers

Our catalogs for the spare parts market in the automotive, truck and motorbike segments and their repair shop customers contain article information of all data suppliers that exist in TecDoc or the TOPMOTIVE Datapool You certainly can integrate your own brands. After identifying the searched-for spare part, your customers can see prices and availability live, and then order the spare part from you with just one click. With our program you may administer and/or control your linked catalog customers, modules and log-ins completely independently.

In addition, our systems are optimized for the following more specialized application areas and user groups:

  • Classic repair shop use
  • Employees in branches or in telephone sales
  • Employees in the field (faster customer information)
  • Tire chains
  • Branded shops (processing of third-party products)
  • State-run enterprises or forwarders (in-house vehicle data and/or numbering system)
  • Communal and infrastructure enterprises including SAP linking

In addition to the customizable parts catalogs, as an alternative, our standardized catalog version TecCat may also be used for the identification of vehicle spare parts.

Our ALDOC products are specifically geared toward the Benelux market and their respective market requirements.

Catalog Expansions

In order for our complete parts catalog to become an information system, we offer our catalog customers the opportunity to use additional modules and functionalities of external data partners in their own catalogs. Variety and depth of various integrations make the TOPMOTIVE solutions unique in flexibility and customer use.

We offer catalog expansions in the form of individually selectable modules, as well as in various packages. This way, every spare parts distributor can decide individually which additional functions are of importance to him and his customers, such as a graphical parts search, OE replacement chains, labor times for repairs, technical data, inspection data or tire modules. You will find a selection of our catalog expansions in the service area as a module description for download.

Topmotive Analytics

TOPMOTIVE Analytics is our tool for the statistical determination and evaluation of transaction data of your customers within your own spare parts catalog. With this tool, which is unique in this market, we can retrieve relevant information of customer behavior for the spare parts wholesalers within their catalog, evaluate it and have it shown in individually selectable graphics.

One example might be to recognize and remove possible gaps within one’s own product range or in the product data. It is also possible to determine sales-related vehicles for each product group for a better optimization of the product range. There is also an enormous potential in the review of item numbers checked by your customers. We can apply numerous selection and filter options to our evaluations to assure targeted knowledge gained according to individual criteria.

TMS Handel

TMS Handel Flyer


With TMS Handel TOPMOTIVE developed a strong ERP system for spare parts wholesalers. We offer solutions to depict an entire process chain of your daily business all the way to the online-linking of your shop customers. This product is especially geared to small and mid-size parts wholesalers in the German-language area exclusively.


The TOPMOTIVE catalogs for the spare parts trade are available in various technologies and may be linked to all common ERP systems.

TM Connect
TM Connect (ERP Interface)