Catalogs for the Parts Industry

The TOPMOTIVE Group offers automotive, truck and motorbike parts manufacturers special spare parts catalogs that are very similar to the catalogs for the spare parts wholesalers in regards to set-up, content and function. However, an industry catalog only shows the respective manufacturer’s own brands and product groups. The catalog is set up internationally and can be shown in 36 different languages.

Topmotive Datapool

The TOPMOTIVE Datapool is one of the most important hubs for standardized catalog data worldwide and is an important prerequisite for any cooperation with international parts wholesalers. The data of our Datapool members is available in standard data format for the wholesalers’ catalogs. Accordingly, entry into our TOPMOTIVE Datapool forms the basis for any large-scale and international distribution of your products.

As a TOPMOTIVE Datapool member, you will also receive our data maintenance program which enables you to maintain your catalog data in a fast and easy manner.

TOPMOTIVE Dataservices

Data quality is the basic prerequisite for any successful data distribution and optimum sales opportunities. Thus, we not only support TOPMOTIVE Datapool members but other parts manufacturers from the automotive, truck and motorbike segments as well during the generation, conversion or expansion of data (e.g. vehicle linking, OE numbers, glass information, etc.)

Topmotive Analytics

TOPMOTIVE Analytics is our tool for the statistical determination and evaluation of transactional data within our catalogs. With this unique tool, we can evaluate information regarding the search behavior in the catalog that is relevant for the parts industry, and provide it to you to improve your own market position.


The TOPMOTIVE catalogs for the parts industry are available in various technologies and can be linked to all common ERP systems.



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